Oscar Barrera


Oscar Barrera

I was born in Valencia, Spain, in 1968.

My interest in photography and by expressing myself with images began to meet twenty years, my first camera analog reflex and the discovery of the magic of existing in photography, magic that made this hobby became a passion.

 Discover this passion led me to learn the photographic technique of completely self-taught, and the evolution of that passion has been taking me to expand my knowledge and develop my photographic language in the Blank Paper school, where I currently study.

I base my photographic language on the need to create, to understand the world, understand the life, death, the human being.

While the viewfinder of my camera show me the reality full color, my look is basically in black and white.

I photograph to the human being, feelings, using them to create my own photographic language.

 In search of a look distinct from the world, constantly modify reality, looking for that "something more" that always exists within each image, although that search at the bottom is pure necessity.

 Squeeze the images that my eyes and my senses capture reality, filter them through my inner sensitive sensor and free my mind.  



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